Where to Stay on Anna Maria Island

Anna Maria Island. The name sounds like something attached to a high rent district, doesn’t it? Surely this is an expensive place to visit. After all, it’s just off the Gulf Coast of sun drenched Florida; this has to be the realm of expensive beachfront property for the rich and the famous to get away from it all and bask in the rays on the beach. This must be a place where wealth and privilege frolic away from the prying eyes of the public. Or maybe it’s something else, another party town in the mold of so many other infamous locales dotting the map. A place where youth and frivolity flow almost as readily as the alcohol. Wait, maybe this is the Florida many people think of, the version of the state populated entirely by the retired and by pale refugees from the harsh Canadian winter.

You might think those things. And you would be wrong.

Sure, wealthy folks do buy homes here, but most of them are much more modest than you might expect. Anna Maria Island is actually a small place with a population of fewer than ten thousand people, and that population is as diverse as one that you would expect to find anywhere else. This is no quiet retirement village. It’s also not a beer soaked party town. This is something entirely unique in the state of Florida. Actually, Anna Maria is one of the few places remaining which is truly unique in any place in the world.

See, you won’t even find anything here with a recognizable name and logo that you’ve seen in a thousand other places. There are no chain hotels. There are no familiar little burger huts with the same clown you’ve seen in practically every corner of the world. Everything here is local. Everything is uniquely branded to Anna Maria, and that’s something special in this day and age. This is very old school in a very good way.

Now THAT sounds like a place that people might want to visit. An opportunity to enjoy all of the perks of Florida and also escape from the same old same old that is all too frequently found anywhere else that a person might go. A place where the sea air lights up your senses as the sun reflects off the water and you explore a destination filled with local charms to be found nowhere else. Now you just need a place to stay.

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Anna Maria Island Rentals

That’s what we’re going to try to cover here. As you might imagine, the accommodation options for a place this eclectic are also quite varied. You can spend a lot of money and enjoy extravagance, you can spend very little and enjoy yourself, or you can find something in the middle of those two poles. The options are many, not only in price range but also in style. A person can come here and stay in a local hotel. Or maybe you prefer something a bit more intimate and small in scale, like an island bed and breakfast. Perhaps you like the idea of having the room to spread out that a rented cottage or large vacation home offers you. Vacation rental homes are more popular than ever. They allow you to have all the comforts and space of home. Do you want a pool? Do you want an ocean view or maybe you wish to vacation in a house and walk out to the sugar sand. All of this and more is available to choose from. Anna Maria has it all! Whether you come to Anna Maria Island for a quite and relaxed vacation, a Anna Maria Island weddings celebration, or a fun-filled family holiday – you can look forward to a restful night sleep at the end of every magical Gulf coast day.

That level of choice can be overwhelming to people, so we’re going to take a look at each of five separate options for visitors : Anna Maria Island Rentals, Vacation homes, Bed and breakfasts, Resorts, Hotels and Motels and Villas and Bungalows. All that you have to do is read on and figure out what works for you and your holiday needs. Let’s get started!


Anna Maria
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  • Anna Maria Island Vacation Rentals - Anna Maria Island Vacation Rental locations include Gulf of Mexico front homes on white sugar sand beaches, bayfront units with views of the Intracoastal waterway, canal homes, and condominium units with swimming pools and other great features.
  • Island Bed and Breakfasts - Plan to spend your next vacation or romantic getaway on an Anna Maria Island beach while staying in a beach-side Bed and Breakfast.
  • Island Resorts – Located directly on the Gulf of Mexico, on Anna Maria Island, Florida, a perfect tropical Island Getaway with miles of white sandy walking beaches and blue-green water.
  • Hotels and Motels – Select your Anna Maria Island accommodations from the best Hotels and Motels the Gulf Coast has to offer.
  • Villas and Bungalows – Enjoy your West Florida stay in the charm of an old time Mediterranean vacation bungalow, nestled by the Gulf of Mexico on Bradenton Beach, Anna Maria Island.